We buy businesses.


We have been building for a decade & we are now partnering with owners to give them the best exit that allows their hard work to live on by continuing to operate the businesses for the long term.

Selling can be difficult…

for several reasons…

Banks, lawyers, brokers, new ownership?

Lawyers & brokers are expensive & you can end up with no deal after all
that work

Frustrations negotiations

We understand this process & take a friendly approach. Simple, quick, &

Over the last decade

we’ve built businesses, bought businesses, & invested in businesses.
Here are a few of them.

Why Sell to Us?

Sell to private party or family

Selling to someone you know
Good chance at ruining relationships

Negotiating a fair price successfully is hard

Private Equity

Full or partial cash out
No control post sale
Long & arduous sale process
Founders locked in with earnouts
Intervene in culture
Flip your company in 3-5 years

Doran Holdings

Full or partial cash out
We are small business owners
60 day close
We are flexible. Owners can stay or go.
Simple deals – no shenanigans
Long term holders

Ability to structure creative deals

Our Process

Fast & Simple

Respond within

24 hours

Make an offer

in 30 days

Close the deal

in 60 days

Easy diligence process

No Re-trading – lowering offer

Straightforward deals

We like businesses that have:

Healthy Gross Margins

Strong Net Profits

Solid Teams

Simple Business Models